Prof. Vahid Sheibani

Head of Department


Research in our laboratory is focused on various issues including determining the neuro-anatomical connections between brain areas, sensory processing, and electro-physiological characteristics of barrel cortex in rat. Also we follow the research on “pain” to better understanding the neural substrates involved in neuropathic pain as well as exploring the effects of different medication for this disorder. We have expanded our studies in the field of sleep research and the impact of sleep deprivation on learning and memory. Furthermore, by collaboration with RIKEN Institute and Monash University, we have recently established a high-standard cognitive research center. We are studying on primates model of addiction, higher functions of brain such as emotion, working memory, decision-making, and so on.

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+98 34 32264196


 Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Master Degree Physiology (Thesis: Effect of REM Sleep Deprivation on Memory Retention of Rat with Two Way Active Avoidance Task) , From 1993 To 1995

 Shahid Bahonar Kerman University, Kerman, Iran

Bachelor Degree Biology , From 1985 To 1989

 Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

PhD Physiology (Thesis: Effect of Capsaicin and Locus Coeruleus Electrical Stimulation on Response of Barrel Cortical Cells to Controlled Mechanical Displacement in Adult Rats.) , From 1996 To 2002

Honors and awards

 Membership of IBRO’s Scientific Committee –the International Research Center

 Board membership of Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Centers of Kerman Medical University of Iran

 Membership of Committee of Physiology and Pharmacology centers of Kerman Medical University of Iran

 Membership of Research Center Committee of Kerman Medical University of Iran

 Membership of Characteristic Committee of Kerman Medical University of Iran

 National Scientific Director and Reviewer of Medical Student of Basic Olympiad

 National Scientific Referee of Medical Student of Basic Olympiad

 Having the Outstanding Project in Basic Medical Science, 4th Razi National Research Festival, Tehran, Iran, 1998.

 Elected as the best researcher (2006) in Kerman Neuroscience Research Center, Kerman, Iran

 Elected as the best researcher (2007) in Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

 Elected as the best researcher (2008) in Kerman Neuroscience Research Center, Kerman, Iran


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Journal papers

1. Kazemi A, Rahmati M, Eslami R, Sheibani V., Activation of neurotrophins in lumbar dorsal root probably contributes to neuropathic pain after spinal nerve ligation.

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13. Asgari A, Semnanian S, Atapour N, Shojaei A, Moradi-Chameh H, Ghafouri S, Sheibani V, Mirnajafi-Zadeh J., Low-frequency electrical stimulation enhances the effectiveness of phenobarbital on GABAergic currents in hippocampal slices of kindled rats.

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14. Khodamoradi M, Asadi-Shekaari M, Esmaeili-Mahani S, Esmaeilpour K, Sheibani V., Effects of genistein on cognitive dysfunction and hippocampal synaptic plasticity impairment in an ovariectomized rat kainic acid model of seizure.

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15. Nezhadi A, Sheibani V, Esmaeilpour K, Shabani M, Esmaeili-Mahani S., Neurosteroid allopregnanolone attenuates cognitive dysfunctions in 6-OHDA-induced rat model of Parkinson's disease.

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 Single Unit Recording

 Field Potential Recording (in vivo)

 EEG and EMG Recordings in Experimental animals

 Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitoring

 Pain evaluating test (Hot plate, formalin, tail flick)

 Learning and memory test (Morris water maze, one and two way avoidance task,…

 Kindling (electrical and chemical)



Current students

 Mansoureh Sabzalizadeh

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 Marzieh Mowlavi

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 Sadegh Ghasemian

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 Fatemeh Delavari

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 Shahab Zarei

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